How to buy Neo in Australia

How To Buy NEO in Australia

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3 min readJun 13, 2018


This post is going to explain how to buy NEO in Australia. If you would like to learn how to buy cryptocurrency in Australia, read our full article. If you are a visual learner watch our instructional video on how to buy cryptocurrency in Australia.

NEO is a popular cryptocurrency that has gained traction as one of the best platforms to build dApps and smart applications on the blockchain. Owning NEO allows you to stake your tokens on the NEO network and earn GAS dividends which can prove very profitable. You probably already know all the benefits of owning NEO, so we are going to dive straight in and learn how to buy some.

Sign Up To an Exchange

For this example we will be using CoinSpot, as it is the only Australian exchange that will allow you to purchase NEO at the time of writing. Before you sign up you might want to read our coinspot review.

From the Coinspot home page, click on the register button in the top right corner as illustrated below. This will take you to the account registration page that will ask you to enter your personal details and identification. The Coinspot exchange is completely secure and never discloses your information to a third party.

Coinspot Home Page

Deposit funds to your account

Now that you have created an account on coinspot, it is time to fund your account. This can be done from your account dashboard as shown below. Before depositing funds, consider setting up 2 factor authentication, this will further secure your account. Click on the alert message from your dashboard, it will look like the one below.

To make a deposit, click on the deposit AUD tab in the left hand side of the screen.

Deposit funds to coinspot

Select a Payment Method

For this example, we suggest using POLi Pay, as it is the fastest way to deposit funds into your account, it is also very secure. From the screen below select pay by Poli, enter the amount you would like to deposit, and select your bank. Now press the continue to Poli page where you will be able to enter your bank details to fund your account. Deposits are instant, and are very secure.

Deposit on Coinspot

Go to Neo Wallet

Now that you have funds in your account we will buy some Neo! From the account dashboard as shown above, go to the top right tab called “wallets”.

From here, select the NEO wallet. This will take you to your new NEO wallet, press on the buy NEO button, and select the amount of NEO you would like to purchase in the AUD section. This will automaticly update the amount of NEO you will recieve for any given value of AUD. Now, select buy now, and thats it!

You have just purchased your first NEO from an Australian exchange, Congratulation!

Coinspot will automatically pay you your gas dividends monthly depending on the amount of NEO you hold in your wallet. Although, we always recommend sending your NEO to an offline wallet, find out how from our How to Buy Ethereum in Australia Guide, we explain how to transfer funds to an offline wallet. Watch our Coinspot Review Video and subscribe!

Happy Investing!

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