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2 min readJun 4, 2018


Coinspot Australian Bitcoin Exchange Review.

Coinspot Review

This Coinspot Review will take an unbiased approach to explain the benefits and negatives of the Australian Cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinSpot is an Online bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade between fiat and cryptocurrency pairs. A popular feature of Coinspot is its vast multitude of Cryptocurrencies available. At present, Coinspot offers more than 70 cryptocurrencies to choose from, making it the most diverse exchange in Australia. But does it live up to the name as Australia’s best Bitcoin exchange?

Coinspot features high liquid trading pairs and fast account transfers, mining fees can be high at peak periods but this is often outweighed by the arbitrage that can occur on the exchange at any given period, often times it is more profitable to sell bitcoin on Coinspot than any other exchange offered in Australia due to the high price difference. Recent updates in early 2018 have also seen Coinspot lower its fee structure and move into compliance with Australia’s new anti-money laundering laws, laid out by Austrac.


Coinspot operates out of Australia and currently only takes Australian clients, this is to enable the exchange to be compliant with local laws and regulations. Continue reading this Coinspot Review Below.

Payment Methods

Coinspot currently accepts Bpay, PoliPay, and cash deposits, It offers one of the fastest payment transfers available in the Australian bitcoin exchange market.


Buy and sell in an instant for a 1% fee.

Transactions are subject to bitcoin mining fees set by the bitcoin network in any given timeframe.

Withdrawals from the platform will always be free.


Polipay $10,000 deposit limit every 24 hours.

Bpay $10,000 As above.


  • A multitude of cryptocurrencies, with more coming every day.
  • The most liquid market of all Australian Bitcoin Exchanges.
  • Coinspot has some of the best Reviews.
  • Fair and often very profitable pricing.
  • Hundreds of trading pairs.
  • Reputable customer service.
  • Cold Storage.
  • Pays dividends to dividend earning coins (GAS, etc)
  • 2-Factor Authenticity


Not Many! The only negative we have found is the high fees that can present themselves at peak periods, although this is common to all exchanges trading cryptocurrency in Australia.

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