Coinjar Review — Australian Bitcoin Exchange

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2 min readJun 4, 2018


CoinJar Review — Australian Bitcoin Exchange

In this Coinjar Review, we will explore the benefits and negatives of the Australian bitcoin exchange. Coinjar is an online Bitcoin Exchange that allows you to trade traditional Fiat Currency for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ethereum. Coinjar’s phone application is an all in one service that allows you to buy sell and trade bitcoin, as well as hedge your AUD account to the current market.

You can link your bank account to Coinjar, or make deposits using credit cards so you can seamlessly trade bitcoin anywhere anytime. A popular product is the Coinjar swipe card, which allows you to spend your bitcoin anywhere that accepts EFTPOS.

The Coinjar Suite includes:

  • A Bitcoin Wallet
  • Multi-currency Account features
  • A coin jar swipe card
  • Business solutions
  • International Money Transfer Platform.

Coinjar is Australian owned but can be operated worldwide.

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Coinjars fees are quite low in comparison to other Australian Bitcoin Exchanges, offering cash account fees of only 1%. Bitcoin transaction and mining fees are set by the bitcoin network.


Bitcoin transfers depend on the speed of the bitcoin network at the time of transfer, although Coinjar states that it can transfer anywhere in the world in under 6 minutes.


Coinjar uses 2 factor authentication for all accounts, protecting you from possible hacking attempts.

Account holder can expect to have alot of private information collected, although coinjar’s privacy policy states it will never use any of your information without prior approval. You are free to manage your account information.

CoinJar Positives


  • Not only an exchange, also lets you spend your bitcoin
  • An industry leader in Australia
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Ease of use
  • Beautiful application
  • Fair Prices
  • Hedging account
  • Coinjar Swipe Card


Coinjar is not an open source exchange, although none ever are.

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