Australia’s First Crypto Asset — AusCoin

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2 min readAug 24, 2017


Australia’s First Crypto-Currency Has Been Made!

In Response to a call from Australian senators for an Australian made CryptoCurrency, a new crypto asset has been born! Introducing AusCoin, traded on the Waves Dex Platform, AusCoin aims to keep the blockchain economy in Australia decentralised. Calls from senators asked the reserve bank to embrace Blockchain technology and create an Australian Crypto currency. It would seem they missed the facts of what makes a crypto asset appealing, keeping it decentralised. A currency created by the reserve bank would be contradictory to the foundations of a decentralised economy.

AusCoin aims to keep the economy of crypto assets in Australia decentralised, and aims to issue tokens to the first newcomers so its wings can be wide spread. Follow the thread on Reddit for more information.

AusCoin Is traded on the Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX), and can be purchased cheaply with bitcoin, waves , usd or ethereum. Setting up a Waves Account is easy, and you can preload your account with USD or Euro from your bank card. The Ticker for AusCoin Is AusCoin, it will soon be listed on coin market cap with a market cap of 800000 coins, which will remain at that value. Should Demand increase, New coins will be distributed in proportion to demand at 2.5%, keeping inflation low. The Aim of AusCoin is to incentivise investors with a low cost coin that will always hold value and steadily increase. Keeping the token on the Waves platform helps improve security and liquidility.

If you believe In the foundations of a decentralised economy, and would like to be a part of something big for Australia, join the conversation and apply for AusCoin. Information on applying for your free share will be distributed through the mailing list here at TABER, sign up Below. More details will be available as they unfold, this currency is still a child, but has the potential to become something big.

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